The next Learning Gateway: Windows 7


I first got to play with the next Microsoft operating system a few days before BETT (January 2009) when the public beta was made available.

Windows 7 is a vast improvement over Vista, improved speed, file transfer and other new features.

As my mobile laptop I have a HP Mininote 2133 with Windows 7.  When I brought it, it came with a Vista Business and I hate to say it – but I had to downgrade to Windows XP.  I was finding really bad performance on Vista when doing general day to day work in Outlook, Word and browsing the internet.  I installed Windows 7 beta and found that it was faster than Windows XP. When Windows 7 RC was released I installed this again and still running it now.  I also have Office 2010 Technical Preview and it still runs great.

My Windows Experience Index is 1.0

  • Processor: 1.2 – VIA C7-M Processor 1.2GHz
  • Memory (RAM): 3.4 – I have 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1.0
  • Gaming graphics: 1.0
  • Primary hard disk: 5.1 – 120GB

Not the best but this doesn’t matter any more in Windows 7 – its fast enough for me.

Networking Speed
I remember watching a few videos over at where they showed the difference between transferring files over the next.  Microsoft have reported that this is again quicker in Windows 7

There is a new version of Microsoft Paint.  In Office 2007 Microsoft released the new ribbon.  I personally like it but a lot of people I have spoken to about it don’t.  Well the good news for me anyway is that they have started to include the ribbon in some of the Windows 7 apps.  Paint is one and so is WordPad.  We’ll talk more about the Ribbon when we have a look at Office 2010.


Again WordPad has the ribbon


So what is the latest regarding Windows 7? Well the good news is that it going to RTM (Release to Manufactures) which kind of means it done, finished and full release is on the 22nd October 2009.  Keep an eye on your MSDNs, TechNets and Licensing pages with Microsoft as you will see it appear during August for you to implement into your school.

Alan Richards over at Westhatch school in Essex is doing some great work with his IT infrastructure.  Alan has been keeping an blog about some of his work and will also deploying Windows 7.  Keep an eye on his blog – I’m sure he will be doing a post or two about his work.

My Slides from Learning Gateway Conference

Thanks for all those who attended my session on SharePoint Governance for Education.  Remember there is no right and wrong – it all depends on your school.

Here are of the links I used throughout the day

What coming in the next version of the Microsoft Learning Gateway…

Over the next 12 months Microsoft have some major releases of their main applications.  Many of these build up the elements of the Microsoft Learning Gateway.

Over the coming month we’ll have a look at the different products that are currently available for beta and a look at what is yet to come.

Here is a list of things that are coming from both the client and service side


  • Windows 7
    • The new Microsoft operating system replacing Microsoft Vista.  I’ve played with both the Beta version and RC and they are great.  General release is on 22nd October but keep an eye open on the news for RTM and release to Volume Licensing.
  • Office 2010
    • The Technical Preview (beta 1) is currently out there for people who registered.  I don’t know if everyone got a copy but I’m liking the custom ribbon on all the apps.  I mainly use Outlook and I’m like the new features.
    • No date yet for release


  • SharePoint 2010
    • Being the main product in the Learning Gateway I am always looking for the latest news via twitter or on the newsgroup about SharePoint 2010.  You can see a sneak preview of SharePoint 2010 over at  There are 3 videos at the moment, an overall view of SharePoint 2010, an IT Pro and an Dev video.
    • If you do use twitter, I search for SharePoint 2010 but Microsoft recently said the official hashtag for SharePoint 2010 is #SP2010.
    • Again no release date but if you want to know more information about SharePoint 2010 Microsoft say attend the Official Microsoft SharePoint Conference later in the year
  • Exchange 2010
    • Exchange 2010 went to Public Beta a few months ago and you can download this from .  Not many people know that Exchange 2010 (codenamed Exchange 14) has been used by Microsoft for about 2 years now.  Live@edu has over 2 million accounts that run Exchange 2010 and a lot of other Microsoft mail services available online are also Exchange 2010.  This tell me that if Microsoft are prepared to use it externally to customers, the product is in a very good state in this first public beta
  • TMG
  • Office Communications Server 2007 R2
    • Released in February 2009, Office Communications 2007 R2 increase the functionality of the original 2007 product with its phone system.  I recently had a Microsoft employee in my office who made a call with his OCS and used the internet to connect to Microsoft HQ before then making the call externally.
  • Office Web Apps

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll take a deeper look into each of these product and how they can be used from an education point of view and how they fit into the next version of the Microsoft Learning Gateway

Thanks for Learning Gateway Conference

Richard and I would just like to thank everyone who turned up to the first Learning Gateway Conference during the week.

The event was a massive success and I hope you found the day as useful as we hoped it would for you.  I want to thank all the speakers and all my friends who helped on the day.

We will keep you updated about the next one.  We have ideas but nothing is confirmed yet.

Watch this space.

Thanks again