Office 365 System Requirements and Admin Tasks Wiki

There many important pages to keep an eye on for Office 365 including information in your tenancy around Planned Maintenance and Service Health but there are two that are worth keeping any eye that are hosted on the Office 365 community page.

System Requirements

Microsoft are always updating their products and one of the fastest they now do is Office 365 and to ensure you always get the best experience for your client machine support for new products begins as well as older ones expire.  These include Windows XP ending on 1st Jan 2014 which is at the same time as Windows Vista.  One the list it also recommends that Outlook 2010 is patched to a certain level.

This list is always being updated so ensure you keep an eye on it and make sure that your clients are up to date to allow your users the best experience with Office 365.

Admin Tasks

As part of being the Tenant Admin you will need to do system updates on your network to ensure your server and client based software is always up to date.  This includes one that I didn’t know until I first read it here but your Exchange 2010 SP2 Hybrid servers will need to be on Rollup 4.

Add these two links to your navigation bar so your always keep an eye on them and know what is happening.

This Site Template required feature 738250ba-9327… in Office 365

I wanted to give people a heads up on an outstanding issue we have with our customers in Office 365 who have had their Office Web Apps upgraded in their tenancy.

Office Web Apps have had an architectural change in the 15 wave and Microsoft have started to prepare for these changes in Office 365.  Previously the Office Web Apps feature were installed on the SharePoint 2010 farm however they are now a separate product in 2013 and then linked to SharePoint, Exchange and Lync through PowerShell for them to work.

The Office Web Apps in 2010 are installed and then enabled per site collection using the Office Web App feature in the Site Collection features.  During the Office 365 upgrade for Office Web Apps these services are disabled and hidden and you are unable to change them.

If you created your own site templates using the ‘Save Site Template’ feature, as part of the saving it looks up all the features that are used in your site and site collection and saves these as references in your saved template.  When you create a site, it will check to ensure that all the features that were referenced during the saving are still there.  If they are all there, the site is created, if not you will get an error telling you which features are missing.

During the Office Web Apps upgrade for Office 365 the Office Web Apps features are removed from your site collection.  Based on the information above, when you create a site from a template that was saved prior to the removal of the Office Web Apps features you will get an error which says

“The site template requires that the Feature {738250ba-9327-adc0-813a-a76928ba1842} be installed in the farm or site collection”


So any site templates using the ‘Save Site Template’ created before the Office Web Apps upgrade won’t work.

From my own research there are about 5 features that are missing

  • PowerPointServer - 5709298b-1876-4686-b257-f101a923f58d
  • OneNote - 3d433d02-cf49-4975-81b4-aede31e16edf
  • PowerPointEditServer - 738250ba-9327-4dc0-813a-a76928ba1842
  • OfficeWebApps - 0c504a5c-bcea-4376-b05e-cbca5ced7b4f
  • WordViewer - 1663ee19-e6ab-4d47-be1b-adeb27cfd9d2


If you want to create sites based on your template, you need to re-create your site template by going to Save Site Template for that template and then create the site from that new saved template.  At the moment there is no fix.  Once I know more I will post an update at the bottom of this post.

Attending SharePoint Conference 2012

Well it’s come to that time, like every 3 years where the next version of the Office system along with SharePoint becomes available and there’s only one way to show off the product and what the new features are at the SharePoint Conference 2012.

This year I’ll be attending the conference to learn more about the features and how they can be used for education.  Follow me on twitter while I tweet from each of the session.

Also look out for a summary blog post on the important things that you will to know about SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 for education.