I’m Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

It’s always a pleasure to be able to speak about Office 365 and how it can be used and I’m delighted to be speaking and the SharePoint Evolution Conference run by Combined Knowledge.  This year, like it has for many years it is hosted at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London just over the road from Westminster Abbey.

This year I’ll be talking about Office 365 and some of the deployment scenarios we have been through at BFC Networks including an 80,000 deployment with Office 365 with the 2010 wave technologies as well what’s new in 2013 and how things have changed for us as we gear up from deployment to over 800,000 users.

For those who are education establishment such as schools, colleges or universities there is a 20% discount code which is educationevo2013.  Register here: http://www.sharepointevolutionconference.com/

I look forward to seeing you are the conference and also in my session on the Wednesday.

The new wave of Office 365 for education technologies coming 27th February

In the last week Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) has announced the release date for new tenancys of Office 365 running the new wave of Office technologies.

The announcement which included the release of the new Office 365 Home Premium (now available) has set a date of the 27th February for the new wave available to business.  Exisiting customers will have to wait for the upgrade but if you are thinking of going cloud, save yourself of an upgrade and wait for that date.

We will also be announcing our new product/service for Office 365 for education running on the 2013 platform around this date, stay tuned