Upgrading your Office 365 tenancy to Wave 15: Part 6–Profile Picture

During the upgrade of one our tenancies we have noticed that the profile pictures we uploaded in 2010 look slightly pixelated.


Looking into how the profile pictures work (SharePoint 2010: Where do my User Profile Photos Go?) we see that in 2010 created 3 images of your prolife picture.  These are

  • 32 x 32
  • 96 x 96
  • 144 x 144

In SharePoint 2013 these are different and are now

  • 48 x 48
  • 72 x 72
  • 240 x 240

What to make ensure a good experience through out or are missing images through out your SharePoint Online tenancy, get your users to upload a new profile picture.


Warwickshire County Council move their schools to the cloud with Office 365 and BFC Networks

Warwickshire County Council are moving their schools to the cloud with Office 365.

Who is it for?

The new WeLearn365 service for Warwickshire Schools has recently been launched, providing the county’s schools with a new Education service built on Office 365 Education.

Download the full case study from the Microsoft Case Study website.

UK Council Offers 185 Schools Cloud Environment for Just £1.50 Per Student

What is it?

WeLearn365 provides schools with Microsoft hosted Exchange email and a “thin layer” portal, designed and developed on SharePoint Online from Office365 by BFC Networks.

The portal gives schools “80% of the features of most VLEs, but delivers 80% of what schools actually need”.

The system provides 25GB inbox per teacher and integration of the new Office Web Apps. By making familiar Office applications available from any browser, WeLearn365 will make learning far more accessible from a range of different devices and for families who cannot afford to license a full copy of Office2010 in their homes.

How does it work?

Schools plug-in online content and apps from a variety of sources to be used by teachers and students, both in the classroom and at home. Warwickshire and BFC networks have also developed the system to integrate the schools MIS data from Capita SIMS, which is hosted on a Microsoft SQL server farm at the Warwickshire HQ. By mixing some key “in county” private-cloud services for student data, with best-of-breed Microsoft public-cloud services from Office365, they’ve been able to achieve a very compelling proposition at a significantly lower cost than most traditional VLEs or school portals.

The interface was built with templates in SharePoint Online, enabling schools to quickly customise and personalise their own site with their school colours and logo.

The Warwickshire team and Microsoft partner BFC Networks have turned the generic SharePoint service in Office365 into something friendly and usable for any school.


All teachers and students across Warwickshire will also have access to a top level WeLearn365 site, enabling collaboration and sharing of best practice across the county.

Upgrading your Office 365 tenancy to Wave 15: Part 5 – Upgrading MyProfile

Office 365 tenancies are currently being upgraded once it is completed you Exchange, Lync and Admin Portal are in the new 2013 style however your SharePoint environment stays in 2010 mode.


The following walk through will go through the process of upgrading the MyProfile Site Collection from 2010 to 2013 allowing you users use the newsfeed tab at the top in 2013 allowing them to see a consistent view.

My recommendation would be to upgrade this site collection first as it will be used a lot by users and is a key element of the new navigation of Office 365 with Sites, Newsfeed and SkyDrive.

If you are the site collection administrator you will be shown a red bar at the top of the page allowing you upgrade now or later


Here is my current profile site collection


Having clicked Start now you will be taken to a ‘Prepare for takeoff!’ screen allowing you to request a demo upgrade.  This will take a day or two but will allow you as the administrator to see what the experience will look like.



Having clicked the Upgrade this Site Collection it will ask you whether you are sure or not



And then its the waiting game to upgrade.  You can still cancel it but once the upgrade has got a certain point, you won’t be able to cancel it.



When it has finished it will refresh and give you a small report on the upgrade process.



By clicking on the newsfeed tab you will then be taken to the new 2013 looks and feel My Profile/Newsfeed Site Collection



This article is part of a series of articles on the upgrade process for Office 365 to wave 15

Upgrading your Office 365 tenancy to Wave 15: Part 4 – SharePoint Online

Late last week Microsoft released some information on the SharePoint Online Upgrade from 2010 to 2013.  This includes information on What to expect during upgrade, Site Collection Upgrades (including how to do it manually, testing and upgrade in bulk, testing and also information about Known Issues and Design Changes.  Ensure you take a look at this article as it will help you to under the upgrade process more and what to expect if you just leave your Office 365 tenancy.



This article is part of a series of articles on the upgrade process for Office 365 to wave 15